Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Books I’d Like To Read This Summer

Hello everyone!

I decided I’d give the Top Ten Tuesday meme a try, because I feel like I  should diversify the topics I blog about and it seems like a good chance to do so. Top Ten Tuesday is a blogging meme created and  hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.

This weeks theme is “Summer Reads Freebie” and since I’m not going anywhere this summer I decided to talk about ten books that are currently on my TBR that I’d like to read this summer, because it’s about damn time I did. Yeah I know, unwieldy, I’m still working on it.

I actually counted my TBR shelf before I went into this, and there’s currently too many books on it, not counting any preorders that haven’t come out yet. This is a problem, mainly because I don’t have any space left on my shelves. Also there’s books on there that I’ve bought like four years ago so… maybe I should finally read them… anyways, here are ten of them that I’d like to read this summer:


James Dashner, The Maze Runner

So I totally just have this on my shelf because a housemate of mine moved out early and couldn’t take it back home with her two years ago, and while she sold a lot of books to second hand book shops, she offered that I could take any I wanted for free. People really seem to like this series, and the movie (which I haven’t seen yet), so I thought what better chance to pick this up than a free copy. 18 months later and I still have to read it.

J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan

Filed under “Books I was supposed to read for uni when I still studied in Luxembourg but never read”. Yeah, for a literature student I didn’t read a lot of set texts… though I swear I got better at it over the years (also I read all of my Shakespeares. But different topic). I started reading this when we talked about it but I didn’t really like it and allowed myself to be distracted by other books so I didn’t finish. Since it’s not overly long, I think I can fit it in at some point.

Homer, The Odyssey

I do have a copy of this on my shelf, and technically I did read part of it, but I’m still thinking about getting another copy because I’m not sure I can handle the translation I currently own. It’s been very dull so far and I think I’d rather pick up the one that matches my copy of the Iliad. So this is tentatively on the list because I really want to finally read it.


Terry Pratchett, Small Gods

As much as I enjoy Terry Pratchett I keep putting the ones I own already off. I started this two years ago and abandoned it in favour of The Raven Boys but I finally want to do this. Eventually. Assuming something else isn’t more interesting. Or something.

Andy Weir, The Martian

I really enjoyed the movie for this, even though I’m starting to get concerned about the amount of times Matt Damon gets lost in space and the amount of  money spent on rescuing him. My mum really enjoyed this one, which is why I commandeered her copy. I think she wants it back.

Anne Rice, Interview With The Vampire

One of my best friends really loves these books and when I saw it at the bookshop I thought “Why not?” Also years ago I posted a fanfic that got a bunch of comments where people told me the vibe reminded them of Anne Rice’s books and I’m still curious if I can see it too. Plus the movie seemed good I guess?


Marie Lu, Legend

Picked up from a charity bookshop with the intention to read it quickly because they had the rest of the trilogy and I could have had a chance of getting them too. I still haven’t read it. Maybe I should ahve just bought the trilogy, but I still had to pay for food. Damn adulting.

Morgan Matson, The Unexpected Everything

Picked up at one of the coolest bookshops I’ve ever been to (Word on the Water also known as the London Bookbarge) last summer. It sounds cute.


Victor Hugo, The Hunchback of Notre-Dame

I’m so reluctant to read this because Hugo rambles so much about topics that are completely irrelevant to the story… but I also bought this on my trip to Paris a couple of years back and it’s the last book from that trip that I haven’t read yet…

Evi Simeoni, Schlagmann

a) I should read more in German. b) This book is about rowing and I love rowing. c) My mum wants it back, I guess? There’s actually no good reason for why I haven’t read this yet. It’s about a rower who wins gold at the Olympics with the German Men’s Eight and goes on a self-destructive path after. It’s inspired by the true story of a German rower.


8 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Books I’d Like To Read This Summer

  1. My 15-year-old read The Odyssey in English this year. She was not impressed. Hah. But I can fully support your reading of Interview with the Vampire. Even though Anne Rice has gone off the deep end these last few years, it’s still one of my favorite books.

    Here is my Top Ten Tuesday

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    1. We talked about the Odyssey in one of my Classics courses at uni so I know what I’m getting into with it 😅
      I’ve heard that about Anne Rice before but I’m really excited to read this!


      1. That definitely helps. She was totally caught unaware until the book arrived in the mail. Her reaction was, “Is my English teacher trying to kill me?” Hah.

        Some of her later work gets weird, but the first four in the Vampire Chronicles are amazing. Enjoy!

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