February Wrap Up and March TBR

A new month means a new wrap up and also a new TBR ahead sow ithout further ado…

February Wrap up


As you can see February went fairly well for me. I managed to finish the same amount of books as in January. Admittedly I had started two of them before the month even began but still, I  have to say I liked my pace. I still have to write most of my reviews (I’ve gotten two out of six I’m writing done so far) but that will have to wait a bit. We’re finally working on renovating my old bed room so I can convert it into a library and it’s been hell to strip the old wallpaper off the walls.

This month you’ll have to wait for my opinions on the books that do get reviews, but here’s what I think about the ones that I’ve decided not to review on here:

Leo Tolstoy, War and Peace

The edition I read is the original first script of the book that was apparently painstakingly reconstructed from the manuscript that had all his later changes crammed in as well. I really loved the pace and it was kind of fascinating.  I like reading books set during the Napoleonic Wars, but most of the ones I read so far were about French characters and it was interesting to see a Russian perspective on it. Also this book is basically Napoleonic War soap opera (I got this joke from tumblr), though I found it far less ridiculous than TV soap operas.

Dan Jones, The Plantagenets

History is fascinating and Plantagenets are the literal worst, but also the first Plantagenet queen of England, Eleanor of Aquitaine happens to be one of my favourite historic persons ever. I’m fairly sure this book holds the all time record in being on my Currently Reading list, with an estimated 4 years, but it was great and I’m glad I finally finished it. (Like did you know that there was a cousin of Edward III who was married to two guys at the same time? Because I did not.)

Jack Kerouac, The Subterraneans and Pic

The Beat Generation fascinates me ever since we talked about them in one of my university courses, but god did I forget how much Kerouac tends to ramble. Which probably is why I never got through this book when we had to read it for uni.

March TBR


I talked about this on my instagram already, but as ambitious as this looks, it’s not set in stone at all. I’ve already moved American Gods back to April since I’m now buddy reading it with the lovely anniekslibrary, and The Rains Came by Louis Bromfield is kind of on there so I finally remember to read it and can give it back to my grandma. I’ve also decided to try and read Measure for Measure this month, because I’ve had it on my TBR for ages and it’s been pretty long since I read any Shakespeare play really. Finally I’m reading  Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and The Hobbit for themagicbookclub on instagram. I was also able to pick up The Hate U Give and A Conjuring of Light this week,both of which I hope to read as soon as possible.


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