Review: Delay of Game by Tracey Richardson

This post is part of the #PrideLibrary19 challenge. Day 18: F/F Romance Women's hockey players Niki and Eva ended their relationship twelve years ago before they competed against each other on the biggest stage of Women's hockey, the Olympics. Now Niki coaches Team Canada, while Eva is preparing for her last Olympic Games as a player for … Continue reading Review: Delay of Game by Tracey Richardson


#PrideLibrary19: Five Favourite Intersectional Queer Reads

Hello everyone! The prompt for day 16 of the #PrideLibrary19 challenge is Diverse Books. Now I do think that intersectionality is super important, but to my own embarrassment I have to admit that when I started looking through my library for books for this post, I had to realise that my list ended up only having racial … Continue reading #PrideLibrary19: Five Favourite Intersectional Queer Reads

June Wrap-up and #PrideLibrary19 Check-in

Hello everyone! June ends today so it is time for my monthly wrap-up. June was a good month for reading. I actually managed to read nine books this month, which honestly is a lot for me these days. I haven't quite managed to keep up with my blogging challenge, but more on that later. I … Continue reading June Wrap-up and #PrideLibrary19 Check-in

#PrideLibrary19: Five Books With Bi Characters

Hello everyone! The prompt for Day 14 of #PrideLibrary19 is Bi Flag, so I decided to do a post on some of my favourite books with bi MCs. Also I didn't intend this but I think i can almost form the bi flag  with the covers. Becky Albertalli, Leah on the Offbeat Review I know … Continue reading #PrideLibrary19: Five Books With Bi Characters

#PrideLibrary19: Five Favourite Queer Couples

Hello everyone, Day 13 of the #PrideLibrary19 challenge is Queer Couples, and well, what better use of this prompt than talking about some of my favourite queer couples in literature (though I cannot promise to be very eolquent about it)? Achilles and Patroclus - The Song of Achilles Goodreads Will I ever be over them? The answer is … Continue reading #PrideLibrary19: Five Favourite Queer Couples

Review: I Wish You All The Best by Mason Deaver

This post is part of the #PrideLibrary19 challenge. Day 12: Trans/Nonbinary MC Ben gets thrown out by their parents after coming out as nonbinary, and moves in with their estranged older sister and her husband. Between struggling with an anxiety disorder and being the new kid at their school they try to keep a low profile during … Continue reading Review: I Wish You All The Best by Mason Deaver

#PrideLibrary19: Five Favourite wlw books

Hello everyone! The #PrideLibrary19 prompt for day 11 is Lesbian Flag, so I decided I'd talk about five of my favourite wlw books. All of these have at least one Lesbian MC (if me and my tag spreadsheet aren't misremembering anything), but since that's not always true for both of the members of the romantic … Continue reading #PrideLibrary19: Five Favourite wlw books